Chris Grant’s Sport Talk: Ho, Ho, Ho


Well friends, here we are, just a few days from Christmas and like a lot of people, I have yet to finish all my Christmas shopping. While I have gifts for most of my family, there are a few people in the sports world who I thought might benefit from a present from yours truly as well. There’s no telling if I’ll be able to get these things for them, but here’s the list anyway.

For LaVar Ball, a clue. Sending your 16-year-old son to Lithuania to play professional basketball is not a responsible parenting decision. The kid should be in high school, playing with his friends and chasing girls, or whatever it is teenage boys with bad haircuts do on the weekends. I cannot see any way a child can succeed playing basketball against grown men. Especially grown men who are professional basketball players. I’m not even going to comment on the terrible decision to take LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA and send him off to Lithuania as well. Both of these moves are short-sighted and I do not see any way it will work out, other than the possibility it will help LaVar move more sneakers.

I would like to see Major League Baseball get an actual salary cap. What Derek Jeter has done to the Miami Marlins is ridiculous. What the Kansas City Royals had to to, let all of their top players leave as free agents, is also ridiculous. The luxury tax is okay, I suppose, but it does not maintain the competitive balance in the same way a real salary cap would.

It would be nice if my Houston Texans could get a year without significant injuries. It has been really hard watching them play since they lost JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson. I am excited about the prospect of a full year with the dynamic rookie quarterback. Hopefully 2018 will be that year.

The San Diego, I mean Los Angeles Chargers could use some fans. They are having an okay year and could actually make the playoffs. Not that anyone in Los Angeles would notice.

Speaking of football in Los Angeles, I would love to see the Rams make a deep run in the playoffs. What better way to invigorate the fan base than winning a couple playoff games? It seems unlikely this team (or any team really) will ever sell out the Coliseum, but seeing it close to packed for a playoff game would certainly be exciting.

Matt Kemp could use one more great season in Los Angeles. The Dodgers brought back their former star last week and while I have read speculation they will trade him before the season starts, I think it would be great to see Kemp play a key part in another strong Dodger season. He was their best player for a long time and, while his skills have certainly diminished, he is still capable of hitting the baseball.

I wish the winter Olympics had professional hockey players competing. But that one’s not going to come true, no matter how hard I close my eyes. The Olympic hockey tournament has been one of my favorite sporting events since they started letting the pros play. This year will not be the same.

Well, I guess that’s it. I still have to brave the crowds to try and find a couple more things. But, there is one more thing on my list and that is for you dear reader. I am hoping you get a merry Christmas spent with the ones you love and a very happy new year. I will see you again in 2018!