DR Newspaper Pick Up Locations


7-Eleven, 184 W Main St, Brawley

7-Eleven, 580 S 1st St, Brawley

AM PM, 1190 S Brawley Ave, Brawley

Aspen Restaurant, 595 W Main St, Brawley

Best Western, 1562 Main St, Brawley

Brawley Chamber of Commerce, 204 S Imperial Ave, Brawley

Brawley City Hall, 351 Main St, Brawley

Brawley Fire Department, 815 Main St, Brawley

Brawley Inn, 575 W Main St, Brawley

Brawley Library, 400 Main St #1, Brawley

Brawley Police Department, 351 Main St, Brawley

Brawley Senior Citizens Center, 575 J St, Brawley

Brownies Diner, 990 Main St, Brawley

Clinicas Salud Del Pueblo, 900 Main St, Brawley

CVB Bank, 310 Main St, Brawley

El Sol Market, 658 Main St, Brawley

Family Dollar, 1400 E. Main St., Brawley

Garcia Market, 1198 Main St, Brawley

Hart Insurance, 898 Main St, Brawley

Johnny’s Burritos, 490 D St, Brawley

Las Chabelas Restaurant, 749 S Brawley Ave, Brawley

Motel 6, 590 W Main St, Brawley

One Stop Job Link Center, 860 Main St, Brawley

PMH Womans Center, 751 W Legion Rd #205, Brawley

Rabobank, 190 Main St, Brawley

Rite Aid Pharmacy, 405 W Main St, Brawley

Shell Gas Station, 610 S Brawley Ave, Brawley

Starbucks, 1050 S Brawley Ave #101, Brawley

Sun Community Federal Credit Union, 1080 S Brawley Ave, Brawley

Tasty Donuts, 281 W Main St, Brawley

Texaco, 395 W Main St, Brawley

Union Bank, 290 Main St, Brawley

Virginia’s Casita Restaurant, 645 Main St, Brawley

Vons, 475 W. Main St., Westgate Shopping Center, Brawley

Whitted Liquor, 462 N 8th St, Brawley



Best Western, 2421 Scaroni Road, Calexico

Calexico City Hall, 608 Heber Ave, Calexico

Calexico Community Center, 707 Dool Ave., Calexico

Calexico Health Center Urgent Care, 450 E. Birch St., Calexico

Calexico Police Department, 420 E. 5th Street, Calexico

Calexico Post Office, 1101 Ollie Ave, Calexico

Calexico Unified School District, 901 Andrade Ave., Calexico

Chamber of Commerce, 1100 North Imperial Ave., Calexico

Circle K, 1098 Cole Rd., Calexico

Consulate General of Mexico, 408 Heber Ave, Calexico

Denny’s, 110 W Cole Rd, Calexico

DS Donut Shop, 114 W Birch St, Calexico

Enrique Camarena Public Library, 850 Encinas Ave., Calexico

Holiday Inn, 2501 Scaroni Road, Calexico

Hungry Howie’s Pizza, 1100 Meadows Rd., Calexico

Imperial Valley Family Care, 1001 CA-98, Calexico

McDonald’s, 720 Imperial Ave., Calexico

Rico’s Taco Shop, 221 Avenida Campillo # M, Calexico

Starbucks Coffee, 1113 Imperial W Ave #101, Calexico



Calipatria Inn, 700 N Sorenson Ave, Calipatria

Calipatria Library, 225 W Main St, Calipatria

Calipatria Post Office, 190 W Main St, Calipatria,

Market Square, 110 W Main St, Calipatria

Queen Market, 101 Eddins Rd, Calipatria



Gio’s Mobile Home Estates, 1850 Lincoln Ave, El Centro

El Centro Library, 1140 N. Imperial Ave, El Centro

Carrows, 1002 N. Imperial Ave, El Centro

Celi’s Mexican Restaurant, 1530 Adams Ave, El Centro

Burgers & Beer, 260 N. Imperial Ave, El Centro

Walgreens, 100 N. Imperial Ave, El Centro

Starbucks, Valley Plaza Shopping Center, 202 S. Imperial Ave, El Centro

7-11 on Ocotillo, 1485 Ocotillo Drive, El Centro

Denny’s on Ocotillo, 1445 Ocotillo Dr, El Centro

ECRMC, 1415 Ross Ave, El Centro

Donut Palace, 175 S. Imperial Ave, El Centro

CVB Bank, 1443 W. Main St, El Centro

City Hall, 1275 Main St, El Centro 

Fire Station on State Street, 775 W. State St, El Centro

KGBA – 605 W. State Street, El Centro

El Sol Market, 1586 S. 4th St, El Centro

7-11, South 4th St, El Centro

La Fonda Restaurant, 220 Wake Ave, El Centro

IHOP, 2362 S. 4th St, El Centro

Best Western John Jay Inn, 2352 S. 4th St, El Centro

Comfort Inn Suites, 2354 S. 4th St, El Centro

7-11, 4th and Wake Ave, El Centro

Johnnies Burritos, 301 Wake Ave, El Centro

Desert RV, 225 Wake Ave, El Centro

Joes Powerhouse, 220 Wake Ave, El Centro

El Centro Chamber of Commerce, 1095 S. 4th St, El Centro

7-11, Adams & 8th St, El Centro

Sun Community Bank, 1068 Broadway St, El Centro 

Rabobank, 1448 Main St, El Centro

KC Welding & Rentals, 1549 Dogwood Rd, El Centro

Imperial County Board of Supervisors, Security Guard Desk, 940 W Main St, El Centro

Imperial County Ag Commissioners Office, 852 Broadway Ave, El Centro



Kennedy’s Market, 70 E Main St, Heber

AM PM, 1105 Yourman Rd, Heber

ARCO, IV Mall, 3603 S Dogwood, Heber

Towne Place Suites Marriot, IV Mall, 3003 S Dogwood, Heber

Fairfield Inn & Suites, 503 E Danenberg Dr, Heber

Starbucks Coffee, 599 E Danenberg Dr, Heber



Barbara Worth Country Club, 2050 Country Club Dr, Holtville

Dr. Cheatwood, 538 Holt Ave, Holtville

Holtville Chamber of Commerce, 101 W 5th St, Holtville

Holtville City Hall, 121 W 5th St, Holtville

Imperial Valley Family Care Medical Group, 529 Pine Ave, Holtville

Park View Barber Shop, 528 Holt Ave, Holtville

Parker’s Pharmacy, 102 W 5th St, Holtville

Rabobank, 502 Holt Ave, Holtville

Taco Shop, 404 E 5th St, Holtville

Trinity Baptist Church, 722 E. 6th Street, Holtville



Aten Express, 390 W Aten Rd, Imperial

Broken Yoke, 3049 N Imperial Ave, Imperial

The Coffee Shop, 502 W Aten Rd #103, Imperial

Community Pharmacy, 117 N Imperial Ave, Imperial

Donut Avenue, 239 W Barioni Blvd, Imperial

El Sol Market, 124 W Barioni Blvd, Imperial

El Zarape, 139 S Imperial Ave, Imperial

Farm Credit Service Southwest, 485 Business Pkwy, Imperial

Imperial County Airport, 1099 Airport Rd, Imperial

Imperial Chamber of Commerce, 297 S Imperial Ave, Imperial

Imperial City Hall, 420 S Imperial Ave, Imperial

Imperial Library, 200 W 9th St, Imperial

Imperial Post Office, 116 N Imperial Ave, Imperial

Kupiec Orthodontics, 502 W Aten Rd, #102, Imperial

Johnnie’s Burritos, 105 S Imperial Ave, Imperial

Roadway Airport Hotel, 1093 Airport Rd, Imperial

Rain for Rent, 3397 Highway 86, Imperial



Americas Best Value Inn, 351 W Main St, Westmorland

Westmorland Market, 101 W Main St, Westmorland

Johnny’s, 163 W Main St, Westmorland

Shell Gas Station, 300 W Main St, Westmorland

True Value Hardware Store, 195 S Center St, Westmorland

Westmorland City Hall, 355 S Center St, Westmorland

Westmorland Post Office, 199 S Center St, Westmorland