IID employees donate winter clothing items for CASA event


EL CENTRO – Employees of the Imperial Irrigation District hosted their annual giving event in the round IID building on Broadway for the children and families of the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) group, where they gave away gifts for the holiday season to CASA families.

Kevin Kelley, IID general manager, said IID’s community employees chose CASA as the recipient for this year’s employee donations

This was the first time CASA was selected for the IID’s annual giving event.

“This year we wanted to give the families winter clothes, and as the weather drastically changed today, I think that it was perfectly timed. IID employees funded the gifts by either donating the actual clothes, or giving contributions.” said Kelley.

One IID employee mentioned it took about three to four weeks to gather up all the funds and clothing donated.

“This event helps to serve kids from all parts of the community,” said Robert Schettler, IID communications specialist. “CASA represents about 400 kids, and it has been here for 23 years now. CASA families stated that they were in need of winter clothes.” 

There were over 700 articles of clothing donated to this event, according to officials. 

“When a child goes through foster care, their possessions aren’t always following, which can later result in a lack of supplies. In this event, several pieces of clothing, like socks, shirts, sweaters, and blankets, were donated to the families,” said Schettler.  

The event was hosted to help the families of CASA, but the IID event on Broadway was also held for others to be reunited with their family, according to Schettler.

“The IID reached out to CASA, and they were gracious in meeting an unmet need for underserved families in our community. The IID made it possible with an abundance of clothing,” said Alex Cardenas, executive director of CASA.

Cardenas said the large amount of clothing made it possible to help about 100 families throughout the community.

“The IID are some of the most gracious employees in our community, and I’d like to thank them for selecting CASA in their annual giving,” said Cardenas.

“As a parent this helps us, because it relieves stress and it brings peace in mind knowing that our children get a Christmas. Since we are less fortunate, I’m thankful that the IID gave us and our family a Christmas gift,” said one client of CASA.